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Let's talk about your interview.

Curious to know if OmniInterview can help you prepare for your upcoming interview in English?

Let's find a time to talk about your interview in a Discovery Call.

What should I expect in a Discovery Session?

Before starting a coaching program, we want you to be sure OmniInterview is the best option for you.  That's why we offer Discovery Sessions.

Every Coaching Program is a bit different - know what you might expect with an OmniInterview Coaching Program in our Discovery Session.

Session Agenda

01 - Pre-Session

Your Info: Before our meeting

When you book a time for your Discovery Call, you'll be asked to fill out a simple form with some information about your interview. 

Having this information before our call helps us have a more productive meeting - thanks!

02 - Discovery Call

1+1 Call

During our Discovery Call, we'll speak a bit more in depth about you, your interview process, and your previous experience interviewing.  

There is no preparation required!

03 - Recommendations

Your OmniInterview Program

Based on the key point's we've identified together in our Discovery Call, your Coach will make a recommendation regarding your OmniInterview Coaching Program.  

Let's get started!

OmniInterview has helped more than 500 candidates prepare for job interviews in English.  

Each started with a Discovery Session.  

Ready to be the next success story?

Client Testimonials

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