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Warren Ray, Founder

Personal Profile

I started OmniInterview with a mission: to help my clients quickly improve their professional English and communication skills to accelerate positive results in moments of transition.  

For more than a decade, I've been working with adult learners to help them use foreign language to reach specific goals, first as a Spanish as a Foreign Language teacher, then as an English as a Foreign Language teacher, then as an Executive English Coach, and now as a Job Interview Preparation Coach for Non-Native English Speakers. 

This experience has taught me not only how to identify opportunities for improvement, but also the value of constructive feedback, strategies to implement the feedback, and guided practice.  That continues to be my aim for every coaching session, constantly asking myself: What small steps can my client and I take together during our session to have significant improvement on your communication when interviewing? ​

A coaching process goes far beyond feedback, though.  My goal as a coach is to accompany you in a moment of transition.  So, expect to receive homework assignments and Discovery Activities - the objective is to empower you to make daily improvements, according to how long you have before your interview.  

What I love about coaching are being part of the key moments of growth of my clients.  Although I love it when my clients send me a message saying "I got the job!", I love it even more when we see small steps towards improvement in our coaching sessions.  This, more than anything, motivates me to continue delivering the best coaching program for non-native English speakers preparing for interviews.  

Warren Interview Coach


2021 - Present

Job Interview Preparation Coach for Non-Native English Speakers

I help motivated professionals who are non-native English speakers prepare for important interviews in English of three types:

  • Job Interviews in English

    • Experience includes preparing candidates across all industries: scientists, business people, investment bankers, software engineers, ​researchers, surgeons, pilots, entrepreneurs, and many other industries.

  • Academic Interviews in English

    • Experience includes preparing candidate for: Undergraduate, MBA, Graduate, Post-Graduate, Doctorate, Fellowship and Scholarship Consideration Interviews.

  • Medical Residency Interviews in English​

    • Experience includes preparing physicians from a number of different specialties prepare for the behavioral portion of interviews associated with admission to medical residency programs.


2020 - 2021

Online English Teacher

My philosophy as a teacher is "I'm not here to improve your English; I'm here to improve the way you use the English you have right now."  

Adhering to that philosophy, I developed an online program targeted to intermediate students who wanted to improve their conversational English skills during the Covid19 Pandemic. 

NOTE - I no longer offer English classes, or conversational classes.  

2015 - 2019

Executive English Coach

Bogotá, Colombia

Worked with executives in Bogotá, Colombia in one-on-one workshops to improve their communication skills and business English. 

Designed a program that used zero textbooks, but only used clients' work materials, leading to more realistic language in sessions.

Managed a team of five Team Teachers, designing the methodology and supporting teachers in their delivery of the program.

While managing the program, continued to have one-on-one sessions with clients as the "Lead Teacher" to monitor progress. 

2014 - 2017

University Adjunct Professor - English as a Foreign Language 

Bogotá, Colombia

Worked with universities in Bogotá, Colombia as an adjunct professor in foreign language departments.  

Responsible for carrying out an English for Specific Purposes program for Radisson Hotels in Bogotá.

Responsible for training Engineering Professors to use English in their classes.  

2008 - 2013

Spanish Teacher and Tutor 

Nashville, TN, USA

My career working with adults to use foreign language to reach specific goals started while studying Spanish in Nashville.

I worked with private clients, was employed by my university to tutor students, was contracted by a community organization to organize a 12-week Spanish language program for their employees, and was contracted by Nashville Community Education to teach Spanish I and Spanish II to adult learners.  



University of California Davis

Specialization: Coaching


Cambridge English

Certification: CELTA 

Certificate of English Language Teaching

for Adults 

2011 - 2012

UB: Universidad de Barcelona

Spanish Language Immersion Program

2008 - 2013

Belmont University

BA: Spanish Language - Magna Cum Laude 

BA: Communication Studies - Magna Cum Laude 

Thesis: Silence as a Rhetorical Device 

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