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OmniInterview helps non-native English Speakers prepare for their important interviews.  

Here's a bit more about OmniInterview, and our coaching methodology.

Professional Coaching with Results

OmniInterview is here to help non-native English speakers prepare for important interviews in English.  We specialize in helping candidates prepare for job interviews, academic interview for admission and scholarship consideration, and interviews for medical residency and fellowship programs in the United States. 


Since 2020, OmniInterview has helped more than 500 clients prepare for interview processes in English, each from diverse industries and English skill levels.  

The difficult part about preparing for a job interview (even in your own language) is that it's impossible to know what questions you'll be asked.  But together, we can make some pretty accurate assumptions about topics that you'll need to cover during the interview. 

The goal of OmniInterview's coaching programs is to improve your confidence, communication, and performance in interviews in English by helping you build a database of persuasive information and stories that you can share during the interview.  


Through OmniInterview's program's Discovery Activities that you complete outside of our sessions and through the Guided Practice in our coaching sessions, you'll practice speaking about your career in specific structures with the goal of internalizing those structures rather than memorizing information.  During our Coaching Sessions, you'll also benefit from receiving target feedback for improvement to understand precisely where to focus your efforts between sessions.  

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