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OmniInterview helps non-native English speakers perform more confidently in their important interviews in English.  

Interview Coaching Designed for Non-Native English Speakers

OmniInterview's programs are designed specifically to help non-native English speakers improve their confidence, clarity, and communication in important interviews.  

Our programs are designed to help you on your level, at your level.  To date, we've helped more than 500 candidates from all around the world prepare for their interviews.  

Not a question and answer program.

Reverse-Engineered Interview Preparation

OmniInterview’s approach is not a traditional question-and-answer program. Our methodology is reverse-engineered to equip you with the tools and strategies needed to excel in any interview.


By focusing on answers first, we help you develop adaptable answers that show your competencies while also interesting the interviewer.


Our goal: you can confidently and spontaneously address any topic during your interview.

The only interview coaching you'll need your entire career.

Fast, Long-Lasting Results

Our mission is to empower you to achieve your interview goals quickly and effectively. We know our job is done when you no longer need our services because you have met your goal.


Our personalized programs ensure you gain the skills and knowledge necessary for your immediate interview and future opportunities. You’ll have detailed notes and strategies for future interviews.


By focusing on effective interview communication, the results you achieve with us are long-lasting and impactful. You’ll be equipped with the confidence and skills to succeed in any interview scenario.

An interview is not about "selling yourself"!

Persuade; don't sell.

We believe that your role in an interview is not to sell yourself, but to persuade the interviewer.

We ensure that your content is persuasive without being pushy. By understanding the principles of persuasion, you will be able to present your qualifications and competencies in a compelling and convincing manner, making a strong impression on your interviewers.

Our program is grounded in classical and modern theories of communication, from Aristotle to contemporary experts in persuasion. We've learned them, so that you don't have to! 

We're here to help with your next opportunity, not your next English level.


OmniInterview’s program is not an English class!


Our focus is on enhancing your interview communication skills.


Our coaching targets the specific strategies needed for interviews. We help you present your qualifications, answer questions spontaneously, and engage effectively with your interviewer.


By focusing on interview-specific communication, we achieve faster and more impactful results. Our goal is to develop a strategy that highlights your skills and competencies, ensuring you are well-prepared in a shorter time.

Rooted in Communication Theory

(We've learned the that you don't have to.)

Our Beliefs

    •    Strategic Communication: Better results are achieved through strategic communication, not just improving English proficiency.  Simply: the way a professional must speak in a job interview is different!

    •    Professional Communication: Communicating professionally in an interview differs from workplace communication.

    •    Clever Assumptions: Clever assumptions lead to positive outcomes.

    •    Memorizing Doesn’t Work: Memorizing answers is ineffective.

    •    Persuasion Over Selling: The task is to persuade, not sell.

    •    Growth Through Feedback: Feedback is essential for growth.

A more time-efficient and focused process of interview preparation.

Let an expert coach help you understand how OmniInterview can help you improve your interview.

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